Our company was established for production of Plastic moulds and various machine parts and for foreign trade purpose in 1994. After it produced plastic moulds and various machine parts, it started to perform exports to various countries by playing active role in the foreign market in 1999. It gained expertise both in the industry and also, in the marketing by establishing cooperation with various manufacturing companies after 2001… It offered superior services about machine and plant buildings after 2006 and it established infrastructures of the companies which are branded now in many countries.  


With its experience especially in the Food and packaging systems, it has matched with many worldwide companies. It has specialized both in the marketing and also, technical service by establishing a network of sub-dealers in many countries of the world today. It offers solutions to its own customers by providing machines from Turkey and many countries.  
We are very happy to establish over 100 plants in our portfolio and to lead in creation of many brands since 2012.

Orse Makine ve Dış Tic. is a comprehensive enterprise which offers a combination of production lines and facilities used in the production of construction materials and design, manufacturing, product development, sales and marketing services.