Product Name
Product Description
The machine is used to make sealed paper bags from paper. the machine takes 70 cm wide paper 110 cm diameter coil. the machine has 3-color printing and can print in different colors.  when you want fitting pressure , endless printing can be printed.
Required Field:10 meter * 4 mt
Total Electricity Consumption:6.5 KW / 380 V/ 3 PHASE
Capacity:240-330 UNIT PAR MUNITE
Number of Employees:1
Required / Air, Water and Fuel:6 bar Air Presseure 100 lt /min
SM002 Three Colors Flekso printing machine with bobbin connection mechanism,  consists of three main units, as  pattern, folding and gluing.
Flekso printing machine makes three colors  aniline dye or water based printing. The complete Flekso machine can be moved to the right and left as well as up and down, color adjustment can be made without stopping the printing at the moment of printing. The bobbin transmission unit is a block, on which a main paper bobbin, a cellophane bobbin, back starching unit and tank color adjusting system, which connect the printing house and the nylon bag  on the entrance to the nylon bag  section, are installed. Nylon bag folding shaft and wheels, ironing parts, molding, auto-adjustable side bellow apparatuses, carrier rubber cylinder with bands, tambours with  six stations and pliers  under these bands are also available. There is a collecting platform on the front part  and a sliding material docking unit on the middle part of it.
Our machine is able to produce 240-430 bags per minute. The grammage  of the papers, which are used in the production, varies between 35-90g.  The printing surface of paper is 79 cm, the combinations, which vary   between 150-580 mm  in length and between 70-300 mm in width can also be arranged
Main Features:
Operating speed Bag/Mun.max .: 240-430 (Depending on Bag length)
Print Range:  750-800 mm
Bag size (min. - Max.) (A): 150-580 mm
Bag width (min - max) (B): 70-300 mm
Blower Depth (C): 15 mm – 50 mm
Bottom sealing: 10 mm – 40 mm
Coil diameter (max) (B):  1200 mm
Coil Width (A):  750 mm
Max Inside the main coil Diameter:  76 mm
Paper Weight in Gram (C): 35 – 90 gr /m2
Power requirement KW:  380 3 Phase 5 KW
Machine dimensions:  
Machine Height:  8600 mm
Machine Width:  2100 mm
Machine Height:  1900 mm
Machine Weight:  4,000 kg + 800 kg (Including spare parts)
Unit of Coil Warping:    
Air brake control: Optional
Mechanical brake: Yes
Magnetic power brake: -
EPC controller: Yes
Driving Motion:  With Electrical Motor
Synchronous belt: Yes
Synchronizing wheel: Yes
Bearing: Yes-SKF
Guide roll:           -
Unwinding air shaft: Yes
Loading Coil: Yes by Electrical Motor
Meter Counter: Yes
Printing Flexo Unit:       
Color mark tracking photo-sensor:           -
Position fixing photo-sensor:     -
Low voltage appliance: -
EPC Tension Control System:      -
Automatic constant tension:      -
EPC motor:          -
Infrared ray induction:  -
Register Control:               -
Servo Control: Optional
Independent movement of paint rollers : Move with hydraulics
Infrared ray induction   -
Coupling Unit:  -
Lamination unit:               -
Printing Rolls: Stell Anilox Roller
Folding and Blowing and Moulding Unit:             
Control system:  PLC
Programmable logic controller (PLC):    -
Mold change and settings: Mechanical Manual Change
Touch Screen: Yes
Servo motor:      -
Servo driver:       -
Main motor: Electrical Motor
Bottom glue: Cold Glue
Tube forming main structure: Mechenical System
Peforation blade: Percussion system
Peforation:        -
Simple Blade:     -
Windowed Bag:  Yes
Package Counter: Yes
Hot Melt Glue Applicators :  Optional
Moulds of Bag:  4 Unit (include the price)
The brand of materials:                 
Servo motors: Omron or ABB we prefer Omron brand PLC or motion Control :  
if desired Omron brand hot glue: Buhnen or Robotech depending on the             
country where it goes. Register Control: Japanese or German firm.          
Bearings: SKF     
Magnetic power brake: Dutch origin      
Pressure Control: Turkish origin                
Other electrical materials: Schnider German Company 
Machine is painted by water and corrosion resistant two-component epoxy primer and paint.
Note: Our company reserves the right to make changes in technical specifications of the machines as deemed necessary without prior notice.
Working principle;
Magnetic powder brakes and clutches allow frictionless and very smooth shift to the required torque levels by the help of the electronic voltage control. Due to the very low mechanical friction levels, these are long life and less maintenance needed devices.
Product range of 6 sizes from 35Nm to 1000Nm
H class coil insulation (185o C)
All metal parts are Specially Coated, Suitable Design for Outdoor and Humid Environment
Silence working
Standard voltages: 0 - 24V DC
Tailored production up to 1500Nm
Easy installation
Note: Our company reserves the right to make changes in technical specifications of the machines as deemed necessary without prior notice.
Made in Turkey
HOT MELT GLUE APPLICATORS (Optional Feature) (HB6050-2)
This characteristic is for the production of paper bag window. Hot glue, PP or PVC nylon quickly adheres to Kraft paper and dries quickly. It also contributes significantly to the speed of production.
High melting capacity of 6 kg/h - 11 kg/h
Simple Installation and operation
An extensive range of series-related equipment
Compatible with Nordson
Compact dimensions
Intuitive operation of temperature controller
Dimensions 587 x 341 x 481 mm
Weight 37,5 kg
Operating Voltage 3/N/PE 400 V
Hose connections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Melting capacity 9 kg /h
Drive piston pump
Number of gear pumps 1
Delivery rate of gear pump 30 kg/h
Tank capacity 5 liters
Noise emission 60
Designed for eva, po, tk
Note: Our company reserves the right to make changes in technical specifications of the machines as deemed necessary without prior notice.
Made in Swis