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The SIRMA Series centralized drum flexo printing machine represents an equipped technology, easy to use offered by Orse Makine to the packaging manufacturing industry. Equipped with light alloy material technology, it delivers unmatched print quality, easy handling and extremely fast job changes. It offers unrivaled production advantages to the user with different design versions.
Required Field:15 m2
Total Electricity Consumption:24 kW 380 3 Phase
Capacity:150-300 mt/munite
Number of Employees:1
Required / Air, Water and Fuel:6-8 bar Air Preseure (nettoyée et air sec)
New printing machines of SIRMA are handy by the developments in hardware and software equipment of the company ORSE. Operator can easily intervene from the screen to print recording and to print settings. It contributes significantly to production with optimum printing performance and minimum cost. SIRMA Series printing machine can be produced in many models except standard series. In the direction of user’s demand, it is assured by the design effected.
This machine is designed to perform the following applications. 
A) Printing types based on ink applications with acrylic and solvent. 
B) Trays are specified according to sleeve ceramic anilox method.
C) Plate thickness was calculated according to 1.14 mm.
D) Printing block sub-band thickness is calculated according to 0.50 mm.
E) Paint circulation system is Doctor Blade Chambered System 
F) Printing block rollers are sleeve system
Material Thicknesses
OPP:  Recommended 18-70 microns
PP; Recommended 20-220 microns
Paper weight ; 20-350 gr/m2
General specialties:      
Max. Material Width: 1050 mm
Material Width range: 400-1050 mm
Print repeat: 350-800 
Warp Coil Outer Diameter: 1200 mm
Winding Coil Diameter: 1200 mm
Inner Diameter of Bobbin: 76 mm (3’’)
Mechanical Speed: 300 m/Dk
Operating Speed: 80-300 m/dk Changes according to the application conditions.
Heat Source: Electric Resistance
Machine Color: Dyo 9001 Cream
Power requirement KW:  380 3 Phase 16 kW
Machine dimensions (Approximately):
Machine Length:  9100  mm 
Machine Width : 2000 mm
Machine Height: 3600 mm
Machine Weight: 16.000 kg (Included spare parts)
Block of the machine belonging to the color group is designed specially. The block is 80 mm. Block is made of steel plates and operated in CNC Counters.
Attractive group carrier body on which has warping and dressing units is 50 mm.
There is a warp station, 120 cm diameter coil is used in single use. mm
Tensile force is designed between 20 – 300 N. Unit ingredients are;
Inner tube diameters are 76
1 pneumatic inflatable shaft (at one station)
Locking wheel (at one station)
Moving Body
300 Nm capacity pneumatic brake (at one station)
1 edge control unit, ± AC motor controlled eye system with 25 mm movement range.
Dynamic balanced aluminum idler rollers are available.
It is produced and manufactured from U iron. It carries the final drying tunnel, fan groups, main motor and drying – suction opening on it.
The equipment on the bridge has been placed with special designs so as not to affect the vibration of the machine.
- The final drying tunnel consists of special coated rollers arranged on a circle of approximately 5 meter radius composed with nozzle.
- Bridge connections are interconnected with pipe sleepers.
- Drying tunnel can be heated up to 80 – 90 oC and the heat source is electrical resistors. The air intake and discharge circulations here, are made with approximately 9000 m3 / h fans. Besides, It is measured by thermocouples with temperature control. Thus, the set value is kept.
There are 5 printing units on the drum.
Cliche rollers are fitted with needle bearings.  It can be adjusted as right-left print setting 10 mm, overlapping 7,5 mm.
Pressure release is achieved by opening pneumatic pistons.
Anilox cylinders are ceramic coated and laser engraved. Anilox depths and counts should be adjusted according to the types of printing.
- Paint stripping process is done with Chamber Doctor Blade system. System is pressurized pneumatically so stripping occurs.
- Circulation pumps are available for all color groups.
- Force adjustment groups can be operated from a single point and work in quick mode by air pistols.
- Between color intervals, there are special drying nozzle.
- The plate rollers is specially grinded. 1,14 or 1,70 mm according to cliche (2,75 module) and it works with helical gear. Module and plate thickness settings can be made upon request. 
- When the machine stops, the ceramic aniloxes are rotated by means of gearmotors following the printing separation process. These operations can be performed in automatic or manual mode.
- Sleds of Color groups are made of special materials. They are coated ink-resistant special coating. In addition, the machine is painted with ink and solvent resistant paint and I suitable for removal with ethyl acetate.
- The air which is brought to the desired temperature by the electric heating station is transferred to the nozzles with 9000 m3 / h fan. Air speed reaches to 5 m/s in Nozzle. Totally, 4 color drying units and 1 final drying unit are available. Fans going to color intervals or over drying, absorbing fans and resistors are different.
- After the drying air meets the material, they are removed from the machine by means of vent-holes and suction fan. In order to control the air velocities, the desired air rates are written from the screen with the menu option, and the machine automatically adjusts the air velocities as they are sensitive to print speed changes.
The printing monitoring system is made by a video camera. As it is known, healthy monitoring of the human eye can see a speed of up to 80 m/min. However, considering the machine speed is 300 m/min, in a such machine, print tracking can only be done with video web inspection system. It is a system that can easily and importantly compare works by means of a monitor placed in an easily visible location by the operator
After the final drying process is completed, a chill roll has been designed in order to heat the material. A chill roll has three walled roller, chilling should be done by cooling it to approximately to 10-12 oC. The cooling system is optional.
Coils with a maximum diameter of 120 cm and an internal diameter of 76 mm can be used in the winding unit.
- The winding coils are compressed by means of a pneumatic inflatable shaft.
- The winding shaft is connected to the machine via the locking wheels. Operator safety is in maximum level.
- Winding tension control is provided by DANCER controlled AC motor. Maximum tension is designed as 300 N.
The winding press roller, which provides ironing of the coils, is pneumatically operated and has a rubber coating and roll.
The main control cabinet is located on the side of the machine and is a section with electrical and electronic equipment.
The main motor AC, attractive motor AC and winder motor AC are powered and run in synchronism. In addition, printing, opening, closing, anilox turning units, start-stop, fan and heater controls also move in a separate synchronization.
All the material used in our machine is Möeller brand. Our AC motors are domestic manufacturing and speed change factor is minimized with imported drives.
Tension, edge control and printing monitoring systems are not located on the electrical panel. In our machine, emergency stop buttons are placed at easy reach points for critical situations.
Note: Our companyis free tomake changes in the technical specifications of the machine without any prior notice.
Origin: Made in Turkey
Brand: Orse Makine 
1-Special Design Drum and Bearing System Italia
2-Winding Motor 11 Kw Ac Motor -with driver Allen Bradley U.S.A.
3-Puller Motor 5.5 Kw Ac Motor- with driver Allen Bradley U.S.A.
4-Heating Group 7,5 Kw -quantity 2 
5-Exhaust Group 7,5 Kw -quantity 2
6-Pneumatic Brake 300 Nm - IItalia
7-Camera Video – Quantity 1 Bst Germany
8-Ceramı̇c Anı̇lox can be changed according to customer’s request by fixing the quantities.
It must be announced before the order by customer. Italia Simec
9-It is delivered with Cliche Rolling (Caldron) Machine as a standard
50 It is delivered as a promotion with 1 set (quantity 5) of machine Caldron Cliche Rolling
Extra Caldron Cliche Rolling is priced.
10- Paint Circulation Pump- quantity 5
11- Paint Circulation Caldron Aı̇sı̇ 304 – quantity 5
12- Color Group Paint Pan Aı̇sı̇ 304 – quantity 5
13- Double speed crane- quantity 2 Liftket 
14- Color Group Body Thickness 80 Mm Cnc Inlaid
15- Back Group Body Thickness 50 Mm Cnc Inlaid
16- Color Group All Bearings Special Design Bed Mounted
17- Used Bearings All bearings in the bed Fag-Skf 
18- Anı̇lox Bearings German Steı̇ber One Way Splined Bearing
19- Caldron Carrier Right and Left Adjustment Bearing Bronze Cage Fag Special series Bearing 
20- Automated Edge Control Unit
21- Plc Control Omron Japan
22- Idler Rolls. Unbalanced Aluminum Cylinders, Bed on all over the shaft
23- Air Pistons at the standards of Iso-M 
24- Machine Min 25 Cm - Max 80 Cm it will be designed according to the caldron.
Basedon the first color in the printing, it ensures that the other colors are held above the first color with the up and down adjustment motors.
Right and Left motor assure to go directly without deviating to right or left.
System checks always the first color and from line to line and high sensitivity is achieved.
Working accuracy is 0.01 mm.
Note: Our companymay change the technical specifications of the machine without prior notice if deemed necessary.
Origin: Made in Turkey